About New Legacy Project

Rick Price, owner and founder of New Legacy Project, began his 40-year career in Southern Gospel music with the legendary Blackwood Brothers Quartet.  Originally a protégée of the late Cecil Blackwood, Rick was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame with the Grammy and Dove-award winning group in the 1990’s.

After Cecil’s death, with the support of his widow, he and Chris Blackwood formed the Blackwood Legacy.  It was Rick’s desire to carry on the grand heritage of his beloved mentor. The group has been continuously touring throughout the United States since their formation in 2001.

In 2017, Rick made the decision to rename Blackwood Legacy to New Legacy Project, believing that God is speaking into the ministry in a new way.  The vision put on his heart is to let go of the old name, Blackwood.  While honored to have carried it forward these many years, it is time to take up the new mantle God has for them.  It can no longer be just about the music or the name of one family, as wonderful as they were in the history of Southern Gospel music.

As always, Rick surrounds himself with some of the finest singers and musicians in the industry today.  In addition to their talent, they all have a special call on their life.  The group consists of Spokane native, Luke Yates, Chase Davis, who was born and raised in Flint, MI, and North Carolina native, Daniel Rivera. All of these men are experienced and gifted beyond belief. In 2021, Rick's son Alex began traveling and working with the group.

New Legacy Project will carry on with the same anointed music, the same phenomenal sound, the same great men of God, and the same amazing ministry.  Known for their flawless harmonies, homespun humor and impeccable delivery, the group will continue to tour the U.S., ministering wherever God opens the door.